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Great Food for Good Health

When people see the term “health food,” their minds typically envision flavorless rice cakes, obscure vegetables and tofu burgers that taste like pulped paper. Those dishes will never be found in our kitchen.

At Intelligent Gourmet, we believe in hearty meals loaded with flavor -- lasagna, beef, chicken, fish and yes, even pork -- accompanied by rich vegetables and side dishes that make you happy to be alive. What you won’t taste is that our food will also help keep you alive and healthy longer.

Our mantra is to BE better. We want our customers to eat better, feel better, look better and just all around live better. Our kitchen was founded on those principles, so if you want to enjoy eating -- really ENJOY it -- we invite you to sample our creations. Our food not only feeds your body, but your spirit, as well.

Eat Better

  • Choose from a full line of hearty meals and snacks that will make you look forward to mealtime. The added bonus is the fact they are also nutritionally balanced to help keep you healthy.
  • Everything we prepare is with the aim of supporting the development of a healthy overall diet that is low-sodium, low-fat, low-glycemic-carbohydrate and gluten-free.
  • Taste the difference, we only use all natural and fresh ingredients - your food has no chemicals or preservatives.
  • We prefer to use locally grown fresh foods, so you can enjoy the fact that what’s on our menu was never freeze-dried and trucked halfway across the country before it reached your plate.
  • We also incorporate seasonal food items to enhance your menu options. Variety is the spice of life, especially when that variety promote healthier living.

Live Better

  • Relax and ENJOY your meals. Select from inventive fresh seafood, chicken, beef, pork, vegan and vegetarian entrees, all designed to make your body as pleased as your palette.
  • Don’t have time to prepare meals every day? Relax. We do the work for you. To save you meal planning and preparation time, we package our meals fully prepared so they are ready to be enjoyed.
  • Still enjoy cooking for yourself? No worries -- We offer a wide range of weekly and monthly meal plan options from 1-3 meals per day with healthy snacks in between. Enjoy the bounty from our kitchen as much or as little as you like.

Start Now

  • It's Simple:
    • Stop in and pick out your meal(s) at your convenience.
    • Order online/phone and have your food delivered to you.
  • It's Affordable:
    • Whole meals from under $13!
    • Healthy snacks for less than $5!
    • Weekly meal plans from $75, not much more than you’d spend on groceries.
  • It's “Intelligent”:
    • Our "clean" diet eliminates harmful fats and preservatives, and helps build up your body’s natural immune system.
    • Take a proactive approach to your health without sacrificing flavor and enjoyment. Your friends and loved ones will notice the difference and you can brag about the healthy changes in your life and prove to them that a healthy diet doesn’t have to taste like potting soil.