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Don't just take our word on how wonderful our products are!  Check out the reviews from our customers:


"This is my second cleanse with you and I loved ever single juice you made."

Britt L. Meglio
March 2014



"Thank you so much for getting my juices to me today! I am IN LOVE with them. These are honestly the best I've had."

Brittany Beede Fitness
April 2013



"2 juice series and I'm in love with how I feel! Satiated and energetic! Thanks for the kick start!"

Sandy Sembler
March 2013


"All I have to say is WOW! I have always been the type of person to eat healthy but didn’t know all the science behind food and what it does to your body. When I first was introduced to Linda we talked for over an hour about different foods and how they help or hurt your body. I decided to do her 3 day juice cleanse and it was AMAZING!!! I have never felt more alert or energized; it is honestly the best I have ever felt in my life. When the cleanse was finished, needless to say I didn’t want to lose this euphoric feeling, so I went back to Linda and her husband the very next day for more “food lessons” and different recipes to try. They are such a dynamic duo, extremely intelligent when it comes to the science of the body and nature of food – and very creative with their juices and meals they create. Now I have a stock of a few of my favorite juices and they go everywhere with me! Even to the movies, gives a whole new meaning to “dinner & a movie!” I would HIGHLY recommend Linda and Intelligent Gourmet for anything from meal plans to juice cleanses. She rocks!!!"

Rachael Lamont
February 2013


"Intelligent Gourmet has been a life saver! As a working mom (with an infant son) it is so nice to be able to serve a healthy and nutritious meal to my family every night.  I didn't have the time to shop for dinner let alone prepare it.  The meals Linda prepares are made to order with the freshest ingredients available.  We are big fans and highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a healthy alternative to take out."

Jaime and Josh H. Tampa, FL
January 2013


"The hardest part of going on a juice fast is the work of shopping for the fresh vegetables and preparing the juice.  It was an ordeal.  This time we worked with Intelligent Gourmet, who prepared all of our juice each week.  They have the skill and experience to ensure our juices actually taste good -- all of them.  With their help, when hunger strikes, we have many different flavors of fresh vegetable juices at the ready.  No more foul tasting mistakes, just vitamin-rich, flavorful, fresh juice.  It is without reservation that I endorse Intelligent Gourmet's juicing program.  There is no easier way to go."

Frederick and Heidi
December 2012


"Amore has helped numerous of my clients to reach their weight loss goals. They customize the meals based upon the nutritional needs of my clients so that maximum weight loss is achieved. It is not only convenient, but the food is fabulous and and the staff is wonderful to work with."

Jackie Spitaleri, C.F.N.S., C.F.T., C.L.F.C.
Owner of Total Nutrition and Fitness
March, 2012


"I am so grateful for Intelligent Gourmet! As a busy person it is priceless to be able to pick up a healthy and beautiful meal that allows me to eat food I love and maintain the balance I am looking for. Their attention to detail is incredible, and they really seem to put their heart into what they do. I could not be a bigger fan of Intelligent Gourmet and will tell everyone I know about this new way of eating!"

Roni Sloman
Bella Prana Yoga and Meditation
March 2012


"Our family has finally found a reliable source for take out food as an alternative to cooking at home.  External food sources are very limited with the numerous food sensitivities that we have.  The meals are clean, gourmet, nutritionally sound and unique each and every week.  This method of eating and convenient availability will be welcomed by the growing number of people that are educating themselves and recognizing that you really are what you eat!  I look forward to continued referral of Intelligent Gourmet to my patients that have undergone food intolerance testing and recognize their need for clean eating."

Lorie Roman, PharmD
Owner of FoodScript, LLC
February 2012


"I love the food at Intelligent Gourmet because it is not only healthy but it tastes amazing.  Other business' that advertise they sell healthy food might, but the do not taste very good, and Intelligent Gourmet's food is GREAT!  Intelligent Gourmet has changed my eating habits, and now I actually think before I eat.  My favorite dish is the Chicken Marsala."

John Mc Cargo NFL 2006 - Present
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
December 2011


"I love Intelligent Gourmet!  I was looking for help with a better diet, but one that tasted great, and I found it!  Linda and her culinary team prepare delicious and fresh food that is made to order!  I tell everyone I know or meet to give Intelligent Gourmet a tray...  I am finally eating healthy food that is more than convenient it is delicious!"

Karen E. Ryals
Executive Director
American Association of Kidney Patients
November, 2011


"Intelligent Gourmet's food is delicious, and healthy.  They serve large portions of in each meal and I always feel full.  One of my favorites dishes is the "spaghetti" and chicken meatballs.  Intelligent Gourmet has really changed the way I feel about fast food, and what I put in my body."

Michael Burgess
MLB Player Chicago Cubs
October 2011